Short History 

To know the history of BSAA Khulna we have to look decades back when a number of young and energetic Shipping Executives of Bangladesh, foreseeing the importance of an Association for the Shipping Community had formed a body and named it Bangladesh Steamer Agents’ Association.

It was the 29th day of May 1978 the BSAA came into effect. The Ministry of Commerce Government of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Granted the License No.2 1978 dated May 6 1978. As it is stated, ” in pursuance of section 3 of the trade organization ordnance, 1961 (Ordnance No. XLV of 1961) the Government is pleased to grant this license to this said Association and to direct that it be registered with registrar of Joint Stock Companies, 40 Purana Paltan, Dacca under the Companies Act 1913,  (Act VII of 1913) as a company with limited liability without the word  “Limited” in its name.

And the Branch Office BSAA Khulna, on 25th October 1978. With the aims and objectives as laid down in the Memorandum & Articles of Association of Bangladesh Shipping Agents’ Association previously known as Bangladesh Steamer Agents’ Association.

The Bangladesh Shipping Agents’ Association or in short BSAA is the association of the shipping agents in Bangladesh. Having its main body in Chittagong. The Bangladesh Shipping Agents’ Association Khulna or BSAA Khulna is the branch organization in the same light and shadow of its parent body in Chittagong.

The main objective of this Association is to promote and protect the interest of the members in conformity with the policy of the Government.

As a part of the service to render towards the member firm the BSAA and it’s office bearers try their utmost to keep close liaison with the Port and the Customs Authority with the Shipping Office and the Government offices. And in particular attends to all meetings and discussion held for the protection of the member’s interest.

Lest we should forget the pioneers following are the members of the first Ad-hoc Executive Committee formed in the year 1978.

Name Designation Name of Firm
Mr. Syed Kaiser Ally Chairman Birds Bangladesh Agencies Limited.
Mr. A.FM A Asad Vice-Chairman United Liner Agencies of Bangladesh Ltd.
Mr. M Golam Pir EC Member Shaw Wallace Bangladesh Ltd.
Mr. Ansarul Haque EC Member James Finlay & Co. Limited
Mr.A.B.M. Wadudullah EC Member M.M Ispahani Limited
Capt. S. A. Khan EC Member Bangladesh Shipping Corporation
Mr. Md. Abdul Awal EC Member Bangladesh Shipping Lines Ltd.
Mr. A. K. Chowdhury EC Member Shamudrajatra Shipping Lines

The first Executive Committee of BSAA Khulna comprised of following members:

Name Designation Name of Firm
Mr Akhlaqur Rahman Chairman James Finlay & Co. Ltd.
Mr. Munir Sadique Vice-Chairman Shaw Wallace Bangladesh Ltd.
Mr.Mohamadul Haque EC Member Bangladesh Shipping Corporation
Mr. S. Mallick EC Member Bengal Shipping Lines Ltd.
Mr. A. Sobhan EC Member M.M. Ispahani Ltd.
Mr. Nurul Alam EC Member Birds Bangladesh Agencies Ltd.
Mr. M. Rafiqul Islam EC Member Bangladesh Shipping Agencies

Mr. M Idrish Meah was given the responsibility to be the first Secretary of this Association at Chittagong.

Mr. S. A. A. N Alam was given the responsibility to be the first Secretary of this Association at Khulna.

From the small office and organization of Bangladesh Steamer Agents’ Association in 1978-79, today in 2015 it has a much larger forum and reached a position of more commitment and diversified its scope to more avenues with the change in the pattern of shipping trade. The break bulk shipping trade is limiting its scope and on the contrary the containerization is taking its place in flamboyant speed. With the introduction of the concept of freight forwarding the shipping business has become more dynamic and broader in terms of ocean carriage.

Sometime during the end of 1978 it was in 1/1 Taltola Mashjid Road Khulna. The first official location of BSAA Khulna.  The office premise was not spacious enough and as such the Executive Committee meetings were held in the office chamber of the members. The first Executive Committee Meeting was held in the office of Mr. Akhlaqur Rahman of James Finlay & Co. Ltd. Khulna. Also elected as First Chairman of BSAA Khulna. The office records confirm a number of EC meetings being held at the offices of different shipping company which included the office of M/S Samudrajatra Shipping Lines, M/S Shaw Wallace Bangladesh Ltd., M/S M.M. Ispahani Ltd., Atlas Shipping Agencies Ltd., M/S Aquatiq Shipping Lines Ltd., M/S United Liner Agencies Ltd., M/S Birds Bangladesh Agencies Limited, M/S Aquamarine Limited, M/S Bengal Shipping Lines Ltd., M/S Mashriquee Traders Ltd., Later on in the year 1982 the office was shifted to a room at 2, Ahsan Ahmed Road Khulna on 20th February 1982. There after the location was selected and office shifted to Jiban Bima Bhaban, 46 KDA Avenue, Khulna during November 2000.

It was a memorable day for BSAA Khulna to be able to purchase one office space for her own, at “ANSARI COMPLEX” 160 Sher E Bangla Road. A 1400 square feet space negotiated for purchase by the members of the Executive Committee on ………. 2012

BSAA Khulna had had performed the functions of Licentiate Measurers Department [LMD] which started functioning from February 1979. Well known at those days as (Agrabad LMD). It was an additional load on the part of the then BSAA. More than 50 employees had worked in the BSAA LMD. However, due to objection of the Ministry of Commerce and subsequent court cases and by the order of the Honorable Supreme Court the functioning of the LMD had to be ceased from 13th March 1981 and subsequently delete clause 36 from the Memorandum.

From the small office room of 250 square feet in size at 2, Ahsan Ahmed Road Khulna, presently the Association has the capacity setting up the office at “ANSARI COMPLEX” 160 Sher E Bangla Road. Khulna with a total office space of over 1400 square feet area.  Equipped her office furniture with modern conference table, Computer, Fax, E-mail, Internet, Own Photostat Machine for printing of the Berthing Minutes, Laminating Machine for the certificates for members and launched her own web-site in the Internet.

For quite a sometime for members attending berthing meetings at Mongla; The Association had to purchase earlier one air-conditioned microbus for transportation of her members to and from Khulna / Mongla & Khulna.

At present the Executive Committee after a prolonged negotiation with the Mongla Port has succeeded achieving the new arrangement of Berth Allocation Meeting being conducted ON-LINE. With the assistance of telephone communication between Mongla Port and the BSAA Khulna the BAC meeting is being conducted with Tele-Conference arrangement. While shipping agents getting the scope to attend the meeting easy sitting in the conference room of the association and the Chairman BAC & Harbor Master and other MPA Officials communicate sitting over telephone at Mongla. The conference room is further equipped with 2 Numbers 2 ton Split-Type Air-Cooler for members comfort. Members however; contribute for BAC registration and BAC monthly contribution for running the Association.

Although in the initial stage the BSAA Khulna Branch had the financial dependency on the parent body at Chittagong. Later on with the emergence of time and realizing the exigency the financial part was transferred upon the branch office to handle independently. Member firms and their branch offices being licentiate under Mongla Custom House now register their firm with BSAA Khulna independently; can get their certificates issued from Khulna. The job of printing the Berthing Sheet is also vested upon the Association, which was previously being handled by Mongla Port. The branch office however, is submitting the monthly accounting statements to the parent body at Chittagong. The Annual Audit however, is being conducted by the Parent body; the branch office submits All Annual Financial Statements accordingly.

The Association has not left its scope limited to holding meetings only. Presently the BSAA Khulna has a number of employments and responsibilities to perform for the member firms.

1.   The Berthing Meetings held with Tele-Conference arrangement at Khulna & Mongla Port are being looked after by the BSAA Khulna.

2.   The Association has to arrange for the entertainment of the members attending the berthing meeting.

3.   The Berthing Minutes are being printed and edited from the Association Office.

4.   BSAA Khulna charges a monthly contribution from all members to meet the expenses to conducting BAC meeting and ancillary expenses.

5.   The air-conditioned conference room is also offered to the members for free usage for any official conference or meeting of the member firms subject to prior application and approval of the committee.

6.   Besides above the Association has the responsibility to assist members upon request for free consultation service to any of their difficulties related to Port, Customs, and other related matters.

7.   In order to build better rapport among the members; the Association has the responsibility to arrange Annual get-together in the form of Eid-Reunion, Annual Picnic with family members; Iftar Mahfil during Ramadhan.