Terms & Conditions 

(1) A company, a corporation, a firm, a sole proprietorship or any other commercial organization holding a Shipping Agency License issued by the Bangladesh Customs Authority Khulna is eligible to become either an Ordinary Member or an Associate Member at its discretion.

(2) A company, a corporation, a firm, a sole proprietorship or any other commercial organization seeking membership of the Association shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member of the same category in the proposal form prescribed by the Association.

(3) The proposal form should be properly completed and duly signed by the authorized official of the applicant and sent to the Secretary of the Association along with the prescribed fees and other documents.

(4)  Any Member may withdraw from the Association by giving sixty days notice in writing to the Secretary and upon expiration of the notice period. Such Member; being insolvent or dissolution or entering into liquidation or upon its winding up.

(5)  A member ceasing to be licensed with the Custom Authorities in Bangladesh shall cease to be a Member of the Association.

 Fees & Charges

1) Each Member shall pay fees and other charges, subject to increase or decrease as approved in the Extra Ordinary General Meeting from time to time, as detailed bellow :-
Members Category Entry Fee Annual Subscription Yearly BAC Registration

Monthly BAC


Vessel Call Contribution Container Handling Contribution



Ordinary Member Tk.3,000/- Tk.3,000/- Tk.1060/- Tk.500/- Tk.500/-

per vessel

Tk.4/- 20′

Tk.7/- 40′ Box

Associate Member Tk.1,500/- Tk.1,500/- Tk.1060/- Tk.500/- Tk.500/-

per vessel


Tk.7/- 40′ Box



2) In addition to the above fees and charges, the Association may fix other charges and fees as they may deem fit from time to time and levy such charges and fees on the members. Such charges and fees may relate to (but not necessarily limited to) vessels and containers and/or any other related business of Sea Borne Trade.

3) The entrance fee of each new member shall be paid along with the annual subscription plus yearly Berth Allocation Committee (BAC) registration fee plus Development Charge at the time of application for membership. Admission of new Member will be allowed at any time during office hour. The Annual subscription fee shall be due for payment within January each year, which should be paid preferably by 31st January each calendar year. All fees should be paid in full at a time and no part payment will be allowed.

4) Application should be submitted along with, one copy of Shipping Agency License issued by The Mongla Customs House (duly attested), Two copies of Passport Size Photograph of the Proprietor/ Managing Director/ Owner (duly attested) and a list of Office Staffs, in the Association’s prescribed Membership Form. Extra page may be attached for extended information.

5) A Member, failing to pay subscription by 31st January, shall be allowed an opportunity to pay off dues by 31st March of the current year. If a Member still fails to pay dues within the extended time, The Membership shall be suspended and all the facilities of the Association to the firm shall be discontinued up until all outstanding dues and charges are cleared. Membership shall be cancelled; if Annual Subscription together with other charges, if any; are not paid by 30th September of the current year. Membership may be restored on fresh application for Membership and on payment of all outstanding dues, charges, entrance fee and additional charges, if any, as may be decided by the committee.

6) Due to Bangladesh Customs House Khulna giving Shipping Agency License for a term of 4 years from the issue date. The Bsaa Khulna also encourages and appreciate alike parent body Bsaa Chittagong to encourage members taking the Membership certificate with validity at par with Customs Agency License to make things easy and hassle free for 4 years time on payment of appropriate charges.